American Grind house

 Watch the 2010 documentary titled American Grindhouse, available from Amazon Instant Streaming for $3.99. Mandatory: 3 quotes from the documentary & an additional source–this can be a website, online article, book, YouTube video, etc. Be sure to include a citation for your secondary source and give credit to the author/speaker in a parenthetical citation. Choose one of the following questions. Forum Post should be a MINIMUM of 400 words—a Body paragraph(s) that includes a Topic Sentence, examples, and a concluding sentence. 1. Citing specific examples & quotes from the documentary, define/explain what grindhouse is and how the subgenre developed. Include in your discussion, Thomas Edison & Freaks to the 1930s’ film Maniac to the influence of burlesque/men’s magazines/nudist camps. 2. Discuss the purpose and marketing of grindhouse films. You should discuss The Forty Thieves, Hitchcock’s Psycho, grindhouse as educational, etc. 3. Discuss at least 5 of the subgenres of the grindhouse subgenre, such as educational grindhouse films, teen dilemma films (such as beach movies), the Nudie Cuties and the Roughies, the Grand Guignol (gory, horror grindhouse films), the biker/druggie films, blaxploitation, women in prison films, Nazi exploitation, etc. Reference specific films that fit these subgenres.

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