Assignment 2: Research Paper In an organized, well-developed address the follow

Assignment 2: Research PaperIn an organized, well-developed address the following research question:Is modern technology enhancing or interfering with people’s ability to connect with each other? Remember that this is a research paper, so you will want to make your point and support it with at least three scholarly sources. Three quotes will need to be incorporated from your research, and all quotes should be cited both in-text and in the references list. Please be sure to watch the following tutorials: Characteristics of Scholarly SourcesLocating Academic Sources for Assignment 2Using the LRC to Find Sources All sources, including your textbook, need to be cited in-text and on your Works Cited page. Be sure that your in-text citations are properly formatted using MLA. Your in-text citations should follow this format: (author’s last name date of publication) Ex. (Jones 1998). If there isn’t a date or a page, use n.d. or n.p., but keep in mind that scholarly sources typically have all of that information.For additional information on how to properly cite your sources , refer to Works Cited in MLA 8th editionRefer to the OWL at Purdue’s website for proper formatting for your Works Cited page. See In-Text Citations MLA 8th edition*Please note that NO GRADE WILL BE AWARDED if scholarly sources are not included in-text AND on your Works Cited page since evidence of research is the key component of this assignment.*Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source and should not be used for this assignment!

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