Assignment 3: Final Project Complete the following assignment: Apply the chao

  Assignment 3: Final ProjectComplete the following assignment:Apply the chaos theory to retail store of your choice, for instance, Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s, and so forth. If you are unsure if your choice of a retail store is acceptable, please check with your facilitator.Identify core components and processes. Examine how SWOT analysis can be used.As a continuation of retail store project:Identify      chaos in the retail business Examine      how systems principles apply to the internal management of the store Examine      how systems principles apply to the store and community Determine      how to estimate the community’s total demand for retail goods Identify      the core components and critical processes of the store Submit your assignment to the W5: Assignment 3 Dropbox.  Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum   Points Provided a complete analysis. 10 Synthesized several ideas into one application.10 Provided quality suggestions for SWOT analysis.10 Presented a structured report free of spelling and grammatical   errors and cited sources in APA format when necessary.5 Total: 35

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