Child abuse, maltreatment and sexual abuse

Choose among the attached Journal Articles on Child abuse, maltreatment and sexual abuse. Appropriately select any of the attached consent forms on your fictional client, provide a detailed introduction and summary on the child/family, type of abuse and related issues, then answer the following questions, in regards to child abuse, etc. related concern(s): 1. As the counselor for child and family, how do you believe client(s) might react, when pressed to reveal information about the abuse, maltreatment and/or sexual abuse. 2. What, if anything might you do to help them disclose needed information, toward successful counseling sessions and progress? 3. How would you handle it, if a child’s school reported questionable behavior on that child/your client and they are now asking for feedback/update on counseling services that they might have helped initiate? 4. Confidentiality in Human Services is an important component to pay attention to, what would you do, if it was necessary to keep what a child says to you about abuse-related matters from their parent(s)? 5. Explain how you would help a child-client understand confidentiality, the severity of child abuse/maltreatment/sexual abuse and ethics rules/regulations that could keep you from being fully confidential about information that the child has given you: 6. What resources would you use, in effort to help the client (child) and/or family, so that you can make sure that you are using appropriate ethical guidelines, in order to avoid ethical dilema(s) and have a workable outcome to counseling services? Also, Provide feedback on your impressions, in regards to this Take-Home Quiz. (Journal Articles’ URL’s/Links: (30 Pgs.) (143 Pgs.) (13 Pgs.) (16 Pgs.) (27 Pgs.) (20 Pgs.

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