Description Title your document file name as “LAST NAME – PEARSON AP COLLEGE COM

DescriptionTitle your document file name as “LAST NAME – PEARSON AP COLLEGE COMPOSITION II – ASSIGNMENT 4.” Please submit your assignment when completed using the gray “Load Assignment 4 in a new window” button at the bottom of the page. (Note: re-submissions are not accepted.)ObjectivesDescribe how to narrow the focus of a topic in the humanitiesExplain the type of documentation styles needed for the humanitiesThis article review assignment focuses on literary analyses.Assignment OverviewThis article review examines the process of drafting, revising, and editing a literary analysis.DeliverablesA paper (1000-2000 words).Follow MLA formatting to list your name, course name, and date on the top left of the first page and your last name and page number in the header on the top right of all pages (explore the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) website for examples and review the MLA checklist in Step 5).Identifying information, page numbers, title, and ‘Works Cited’ page(s) are not included in the word count.Your assignment will be graded according to the Course Grading Rubric.Please reference this rubric when completing each assignment.Step 1: Read the poem and its related contentGo to (Links to an external site.) in order to read “Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike. Note that the “About this Poem” section contains other information that may be helpful to you in this assignment.Step 2: Select a question and identify words, images, or aspects of the poem that support your answersChoose one of the questions below as a starting point for your literary analysis of this poem. List your answers and provide evidence from the poem to support your ideas. See this page (Links to an external site.) for information regarding how to format in-text citation of poetry; also explore “Quoting Poetry (Links to an external site.)”.Does the poem’s speaker pity or admire Flick? Are readers meant to pity or admire Flick?Does Flick belong in the scenes where the speaker describes him? If so, why? If not, what effect does that have on the poem’s meaning?Why does the speaker describe Flick’s hands so often, and what does this series of images mean?Step 3: Write a literary responseUsing the prewriting you completed in the previous step, write a paper that fully explores the question you selected above. Incorporate evidence from the poem in your analysis. If you consult any other sources or critical analyses for this paper, be sure to cite their words and ideas using MLA documentation style. For an example of a literary analysis, refer back to your course materials.Step 4: Revise your draftAfter you finish your draft, leave it alone for at least a few hours and preferably a full day. Reread your draft. Copy and paste a second version of the draft in the same computer file; in this copy of your draft, make changes that improve the thesis, the topic sentences, and the transitions in your paper. Also, try to mention more details from the poem to support your thesis. Be sure to interpret rather than summarize the poem.Step 5: Edit your draftAfter you finish your draft, leave it alone for at least a few hours and preferably a full day. Copy and paste a third version of the draft and “Works Cited” in the same computer file; in this copy of your draft, make changes that improve:sentence construction (correct errors related to nouns, pronouns, verbs, modifiers, phrases, and clauses)word choice (tone, correct words, homophones [their/there/they’re, two/too/to, etc.], etc.)punctuation use (commas, end marks, colons, semicolons)mechanics (spelling, abbreviations, italics, capitalization, incorrect spacing between words or at the beginning/end of sentences, etc.)Strategies that may be helpful in checking for the problems mentioned above:Read your paper aloud from the last sentence to the first sentence. That is, read the very last sentence of the paper aloud to make sure the sentence sounds right and has all the right parts and punctuation. Now, read the previous sentence. Keep going backward until you reach the paper’s beginning.Use the “Find” tool in the word processing program to search for marks of punctuation (like commas) so that you can be sure they are used correctly. You can also search for commonly misspelled words and words that can usually be omitted (there is/are, it is, clichés).Confirm that you have addressed every bullet point in the assignment instructions.Review the MLA checklist (Links to an external site.) to make sure you have formatted your paper correctly.In particular, make sure that you are consistently using present tense to discuss the articles. Save the final version in a separate document, using the file name specified in the “Descriptions” section above. This version is the one that will be graded for writing quality.Before submitting your paper, review the resources here (Links to an external site.)about Unicheck to ensure that all citations are formatted correctly. Unicheck highlights anything that is either plagiarized or incorrectly cited. Correct your draft based on your Unicheck report, then run your essay through the Unicheck system again. You may obtain up to three Unicheck reports. Submit your final draft only when it shows a high originality score. This video will show you how to submit your final work to be graded.

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