Examine what different researchers say about how the concept is used in practice, what its strengths and weaknesses are

The Final Assignment is a 4500 words paper.It is strongly advised to start working on it early in the course. Actions:1. Identifyan organisation whose strategies you will examine. We strongly suggestyou review your own organisation as it is easier to collect data about it. Ifthat is not possible, for example if you are not working at the moment, thenexamine an organisation you are personally familiar with. Do not choosea famous name organisation like Google, IBM, Nestle, etc. unless you work forthem. Depending on the concept selected in point 3, you may want to reduce thescope to a strategic business unit in a particular geography, as emphasisedalready in the interim assignment.2. Usingthe SWOT you prepared for the Interim Assignment – you should update it based on the feedbackwe gave you to your Interim Assignment – write a short evaluation of the current positionof the organisation, its environment and the degree of uncertainty and changegoing on, its strategies in use and the strategic issues it faces. 3. From theevaluation, you need to propose future strategies for the organisation. Theremay be many alternative options open to the organisation, what are they? Thenchoose one direction you recommend the organisation goes in? Choose ONEconcept from the following list that you argue is the number one priorityconcept the organisation should focus on:o Core competencieso Generic strategies – either cost leadership ordifferentiation, or focused cost leadership or differentiation, or outpacing. o Mergers and acquisitionso Allianceso Outsourcingo CSR and shared valueo Blue ocean strategyo BSCo Capability development and agilityo Culture change Make an argument to justify your choice.4. You must demonstrate you have a deep understanding ofthe concept you apply. You must do this by critically examining the concept.Research a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed articles about the concept from theresearch literature. Examine whatdifferent researchers say about how the concept is used in practice, what itsstrengths and weaknesses are, and how the concept can be adapted orstrengthened to make it effective.

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