Explain and APPLY each issue.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business practice test / quiz and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This assignment and format is designed to (1) enable each individual student to examine their favorite chapters and content in greater detail, and (2) act as yet another valuable platform for your management development when confronted with the need to manage the numerous issues involving Principles of Management.Each student is to write a 4-5 page, single spaced, free form final paper that contains the following:Select five chapters from our semester reading through Chapter 12 content.(1) Identify three of the primary learning objectives identified in each of the chapters you select,(2) Summarize the management and learning content of each, and(3) Write a summary of how you use, or will use, these management learnings from our semester as you proceed from academics to your chosen management professions.(4) Cite the chapters and pages for each of the 15 concepts discussed.Identify and discuss all social or political issues we are studying as contained in the article or case, and the impact of each on modern business and business decision making.Identify – Explain and APPLY each issue. REMEMBER TO (1) Identify the issues, (2) define and explain the issue as we have studied it in our course textbook and my supporting slides citing the exact page (example – (P.27), and (3) explain how our learning can be applied to the case or article that you chose.Apply the chapter content and concepts that apply to your study by explaining each and noting pages from the textbook or my supporting slides.

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