Explain what is in the ad. (

Sections 4e and 4f in our text look specifically at examining our assumptions and persuading readers as you develop and support your argument. Read these sections in preparation for our discussion.For this discussion, you will describe an ad and analyze the argument it is making.(There is an example of this type of argument in our text if you want to see what this would look like in essay format.) Here are your choices:A.Ad.PNGA 1950s ad for Dormeyer appliancesB.08B8FE10-4B0E-413E-9834-AEE4C29AF412.jpegA 1949 ad for Camel cigarettes C.5729CC6C-29DF-4E4F-8EE5-747BE29E7D43.jpegA 2012 ad for Michelin tires D.8AB96D4E-4A26-44DA-8868-11735521FD65-1.jpeg A 2020 ad for PETA E.C6B0FF88-0407-411F-B074-99B4AD0B8064_4_5005_c.jpeg A 2021 ad for Penn StateFor this assignment:PART ONE:– Tell us which ad you chose and why. (4-6 sentences)– Explain what is in the ad. (4-6 sentences)– Describe the argument being made. (4-6 sentences)– Who is the intended audience based on what you see? (2-4 sentences)14+ sentences total.PART TWO:You need to respond to at least two peers.You must include one quote from an outside source for your response.(6-8 sentences)Put the full citation for your quote after the paragraph.

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