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Assignment Requirements   IS Assessment Research Paper: Each student will produce a significant, potentially publishable research paper on an approved IS assessment related topic. This paper should represent the student’s attempt to become an expert on the selected topic. Topics must be suitable to serious archival, academic research as reflected in a substantial literature foundation. If a student is pursuing either the IT Project Management or IS Security and Assurance concentration then the topic must be appropriate to the concentration.The paper must be at least 3,000 words and no more than 4,000 words, excluding end of paper exhibits, and references. It should include reference to at least twenty appropriate peer-reviewed sources. Please double-space and use 12 point Times New Roman font. It should not include a table of contents, cover page, or abstract.The production of this paper will include a “Research Paper Proposal Presentation” and “Broad Topic Literature Review” (see above). The proposal presentation and literature should exhaustively define and defend the potential contribution of the paper, demonstrate the availability of an appropriate literature stream, and set forth clearly the means by which the work will proceed. Periodic work-in-progress reports will be required. They should include information about work status and both resolved and unresolved difficulties.The paper is expected to meet very high standards in terms of content and delivery. Each student will be required to complete a “submission checklist” certifying their adherence to specific guidelines.It will be carefully graded based on foundational coverage, managerial contribution, and delivery. The paper must be submitted electronically. For accreditation purposes, the paper will be maintained on file for at least five years.Important note, while there are two separate submissions do not view them as draft submission and final submission. You will be evaluated on the first submission. The second submission is a correction copy for archival purposes. Failure to submit with the necessary corrections means you have not completed the requirements for the courseAcademic Honesty Policy: The essence of every student’s work must always be original. Plagiarism detection software will be used. This does not preclude either shared learning experiences (when appropriate), or building on previous learning experiences. The student must disclose and receive explicit permission to move forward if the research paper is any way related to previous academic efforts. A student must provide a copy of applicable work if they choose to extend a previous learning experience. Violation of the policy on original work will result in an “F” for the entire class and a report to the MTSU office of Judicial Affairs.Mission of the Jones College of Business: The mission of the Jones College of Business is to:• Foster student success in a large business school with a small school feeling created by caring, professional faculty and staff interacting with students as individuals, in small classes, through proactive student organizations, and in a broad range of other settings, with students’ needs constantly of prime consideration;• Provide career opportunities to our students by capitalizing on our extensive alumni network—82 percent of Jones College graduates live and work in Middle Tennessee; and• Cultivate an international perspective among students that enables them to contribute to and succeed in the global marketplace.We will produce graduates from our bachelor, master, doctoral, and executive and continuing education programs who are prepared for challenges and advancements in their chosen careers.****Notewe must use at least 20 references . please make 8 of them from peer reviewed journalsplease see all the attached papers because they are very important   Order Nowhttps://thecustomwritings.com/order/YOU CAN ALSO PLACE OTHER SIMILAR ORDERS ON OUR WEBSITE AND GET AMAZING DISCOUNTS!!!

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