(Get Answer) – ADOS-Evaluation of a Standardized Test

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements  The following are the requirements for your final project assignment.Introduction•Describe the test you chose. This description should include:The full name of the test.The publisher’s stated purpose of the test.The standardization sample and age range for the test’s useAll of the ways the test can be administered. Include your assessment of the test administration in terms of fairness and integration with ethical and legal considerations.The population, psychological condition, or psychological disorder of interest you chose. Remember to support your selection with a source (or sources) from the literature.•Provide the thesis statement that guided your project. This is what states and justifies your position on the test’s use. The thesis statement must be based on the professional literature, be related to tests and measurements, and be applicable to your specialization at Capella, or your current or future employment.Evaluation of a Standardized TestThis section must synthesize the findings from your review of the literature with information and material presented in the course. Required content includes:•A brief overview of the current state of the test’s use with the population or psychological condition you chose.•Synthesis of what the current research says regarding your thesis statement.•Relevant standards. This should include: Discussion of the APA or NASP standards for educational and psychological testing you found to be relevant in your review of the literature.In addition, a discussion of the standards you feel apply to your topic that might not have been evident from your review of the literature.•Psychometric properties. This should include: Synthesis and evaluation of what you found in your review of the literature regarding the psychometric properties of your chosen test.Discussion of the major assumptions of testing, the relevant APA or NASP standards, and an evaluation of psychometric properties for the instrument you chose.•Ethical use of testing instruments. Based on your research for the course project and the course material, discuss the importance of the ethical use of tests. This should include: General test construction and standardization.General test administration.The standardization and administration of the specific test and population or condition you chose.•Impact of technology on the techniques and applications of your instrument. Discuss how technology has changed the delivery of your instrument, how the test results are interpreted, and whether technology has changed the nature of the test.ConclusionDiscuss the following:•Did all of the literature you reviewed use your chosen test as it was meant to be used? If not, explain why. If a test is used for a purpose other than what it was intended to assess, how can that affect the validity and reliability?•State your position on the overall validity and reliability of the instrument relative to the results of your research. Use information presented by the Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications, and Issues textbook to discuss whether the reported indices for validity and reliability represent low, medium, or high values.•State your position regarding the usefulness of the instrument relative to the results of your research. Your opinion must be based specifically on your findings and cite the literature to support your discussion.•Did your course project support your thesis statement? Why or why not?

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