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Business strategy of Tim Hortonswrite 3 pages of paper on Tim Horton’s firm strategy, which consisting of 3 paragrahs:1st paragraph: What is the strategy of the firm and describe which one or more of the 4 generic strategies (Low-cost provider; Differentiation on features; Focus on market niche; Best-cost provider) is/are implemented in this firm?;2nd paragraph: What would you think is the reason leads to the firm’s sustainable competitive advantage?; (please give some financial info of the firm to support it, such as ROE or ROA)3rd paragraph:Describe/and explain how well the firm’s strategy passes the 3 tests of a winning strategy (3 tests are: The Strategic Fit Test, The Competitive Advantage Test, and The Performance Test)PS: I have attached the powerpoint of all the strategy terms and 3 tests of winning strategy definition for you to take a look at it as a reference. But please do not explain the definition in the paper, just explain how it relates to the Tim Horton’s strategy.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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