(Get Answer) – Commonality Assignment- Analysis of visual text in relation to written text

Commonality Assignment- Analysis of visual text in relation to written textAudience:  Other Rhetoric Writing Studies students, not in this class (educated adults)Purpose: To persuade your audience that you have mastered an understanding of rhetorical techniques by identifying them in another genre.Prompt:  Identify and analyze rhetorical elements discussed in the readings in class in conjunction with a visual argument.Your task is to demonstrate knowledge of rhetorical techniques discussed in class by identifying and analyzing such techniques in a visual argument. You will need touse a minimum of two reference to a technique discussed in one of the speeches in class and one visual argument. You may use more.You should give a brief overview of the visual text but focus your essay on showing an understanding of the rhetorical technique(s) being employed. You will need toquote directly from the speech(es) being referenced and “quote” from the visual argument by describing the elements of the image that support your claims.To do this assignment successfully, the essay must: Briefly mention the rhetorical situations of the texts being discussed.Show an understanding of at least one rhetorical technique from one of the speeches.Identify and discuss that rhetorical technique in a visual argument.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?92

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