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Critically /Analyse : nurse leadership & managementNOT ALLOWED QUOTE OR QUOTATION (IN TEXT OR REFERENCE LIST) HARVARD ACADEMIC STYLE ONLYTitle: Nurse Leadership and management IN COMMUNITY SETTINGFocus on a specific patient group: TYPE 1 DIABETES where patient outcomes need to be improved.Multi disciplinary team involved in community after patients discharge :MDT TEAM: DISTRICT NURSE , COMMUNITY NURSE, COMMUNITY MATRON , DIABETIC SPEC NURSE , TISSUE VIABILITY NURSE, PHARMACY, GP/DOCTORS /PODIATRY /CARERS ,ETCFirst and Third Person dialogueIntroduction (150-200 words) Only a brief introduction into the condition is considered relevant to answering the assignment question. There is no need to discuss Anatomy & Pathophysiology, medications etc. This assignment is asking you to focus on the management/leadership skills of a registered nurse, and how the student nurses needs to develop.Summary (150-200 words)Remember, this is not a case study … So the discussion should focus on the management of the patient group in a potential range of settings & not on the management of the individual.Must include all questions given:1) Brief definition about type 1 diabetes (150 words max.)2) Role of the nurse Band 5 job descriptors, and knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by a Staff Nurse for this group(when look after type 1 diabetes patients ).3) Relevant clinical research, give examples about type 1 diabetes new evidences from research4) National standards for focus condition and the care of adults5) NMC Standards for Pre-reg Nursing Education6) Management and Leadership theories7) Establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with the interprofessional team to promote the long term health and well being of clients with long term chronic health needs.8) Demonstrate effective health informative skills to plan implement and evaluate healthcare.9) Assist in the delegation, supervision and monitoring of duties of others, in optimising the management of care and to ensure maintenance of a safe environment.10) Demonstrate accurate documentation of the client’s care plan that has been formulated in partnership with the client in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team.11) Demonstrate a professional and responsible manner, in line with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct, in the management of care.12) Must demonstrate understanding of management styles and insight into the role of the newly qualified adult nurse in improving patient outcomes.13) Integrating academic learning and clinical practice: All relevant implications for practice are clearly identified and explained, demonstrates effective integration of academic learning with issues from clinical practice, confidentiality is maintained.14) What is the impact of management on the organisation of care?15) What is interprofessional working and how does it impact on care delivery and patient outcomes?16) What is the importance of interprofessional working within the context of long term care.17) Analysis: Understanding of theory, principles and research evidence is used very effectively to analyse issues and problems, demonstrates a sustained analytical approach.18) Provide evidence that they have considered their own management style in depth.19) Demonstrates some creativity in building a reasoned argument to reach a logicalconclusion. Justifies actions (and omissions) through reasoned logic drawn from contemporary evidence of good practice. E.g : clean and after prick client’s finger before (checking blood sugar ) why ? explain with evidences. Etc etcPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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