(Get Answer) – Critically Discuss the Output from a Model

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements  There are 2 part on this coursework1. an excel(done)2. reportI have done the excel and I would like you do to a report. Critically discuss the output from my model.The report should focus on the sensitivity analysis. Assume that the other managers have limited financial knowledge and that you are the expert providing advice. You should NOT required to identify any non-financial factors that may be relevant.Your report will have 2 headings, Sensitivity Analysis and Conclusion based on Sensitivity Analysis. Consider this as your contribution to a more general report. Other managers will provide a discussion of the competition, suppliers, strategy and overall conclusions.You must have a clear recommendation for the company and you must justify your answer. Brief conclusions without any supporting analysis and discussion will not be considered a pass.Reference : 0I will attach a question of these work with this order, include 2 examples of the report and my excel model.**The teacher prefer to a graph first and analysis, put the next graph and analysis. He thinks it is easier to follow.**You can follow the example. 

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