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Culinarian Cookwareperform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. Your performance will be scored on a rubric to determine how successfully you meet specific standards. The capstone case study is not a report on the company.Refer to the schedule for the authentic assessment case study that will be used this semester and which was included in your course materials. This assignment serves four important learning objectives that are consistent with the course outcomes noted in your syllabus:1. Determine your ability to recognize a marketing problem and analyze possible alternative solutions.2. Recommend and defend a specific marketing strategy to solve a unique marketing problem.3. Assess your ability to synthesize marketing concepts and apply them to a unique situation.4. Assess your critical thinking and writing skills.In other words, this case will assess your ability to function as a marketing professional.Prepare your case study as follows:1. Statement of the Marketing ChallengeRead the case carefully, several times if needed, to determine the primary marketing challenge. Once identified, provide evidence from the case as to why you believe this is the most important challenge facing company management. Even though the case may discuss financial, operational, or other issues, be sure this statement is framed as a marketing challenge. The other concerns will be important in your analysis, but not as the statement of the problem. Do not summarize the case; only point out case facts that support your opinion. Be sure your choice is strategic, not tactical.2. Analysis of the Current SituationThis can be framed as a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), and is where you will draw frequently from case facts and external sources. It should cover the macroenvironmental and microenvironmental trends in the industry. For example, the case may or may not give significant information on competitors. This may mean you will need to find industry analysis information, target market descriptions, competitor information, etc., to complete your SWOT as thoroughly as possible. Remember to footnote your sources.3. Identification of Alternative SolutionsBased on your analysis, identify at least three possible marketing strategies that you would recommend for this unique situation. Each of your strategies should include a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages. Do not discuss marketing tactics; instead, conclude each alternative with an assessment of how that alternative might solve the marketing challenge.4. Recommend a Specific Marketing StrategyFrom your list of alternatives, select the solution you believe is best suited. Be sure to state your rationale. Also include potential marketing tactics you would recommend to implement the strategy

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