(Get Answer) – Developing and Implementing an Online AML Training & Reporting System

Developing and Implementing an Online AML Training & Reporting SystemOrder Description– The SituationA large financial services firm wanted to build internal capability to deliver AML training following an expensive and difficult rollout by an external training vendor. During rollout, a key customer-facing system was shut down due to inadequate testing and capacity problems on employee PCs.After our initial analysis found that none of the existing LMS approaches and systems matched the requirements of regulatory scrutiny, BIS formed a team of experts from across the firm, including an offshore development team in India. Under BIS leadership, this team developed and rolled out an automated application in less than four months, resulting in dramatic improvement in training content, delivery, and in staff participation and buy-in. The tracking and escalation methods employed resulted in 93% completion in a 9-week period, a 57% reduction in overall timeline, with minimal escalation of “incompletes” to division presidents.2- The ChallengeThe firm’s existing internal learning management system (LMS) did not allow for automated identification of learners, nor did it provide robust reporting and tracking capabilities.3- The ObjectiveBusiness Intelligence Solutions (BIS) was engaged to help the firm assess its options for building and delivering a successful AML training system within four months.———–– the Format of Case Study have to be• Introduction about the Case• Statement of the Problem• Objectives• Areas of Considerations• Alternative Courses of Action• Analysis of Each Alternative Courses of Action• Conclusion• RecommendationsPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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