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Diego RiveraPaper details:Choose an artist and write a blog post of about 250 words (1 double spaced page in 11-12 point font) that discusses its relevance to the world today.Your post should explore connections between ideas from this class and contemporary culture.Think about your own interests, and develop your post based on the relationships that you recognize.For example, you might talk about how ancient architecture is often referenced in science fiction movies or in public buildings used by the government.Any topic is appropriate, as long as you demonstrate its connection to something addressed by the textbookDetail and Key:Diego Rivera – Mini Biography (TV-14; 04:01) A short biography of Diego Rivera whose view that art should belong to everyone profoundly impacted the international art scene and led to his reintroduction of Fresco paintings in the 1930s.http://www.biography.com/people/groups/artists

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