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family policyPaper instructions:Issues in work and family are connected to family policy both in the United States, and the world. You are being asked to think “outside the box” in this assignment. You are to develop a policy proposal, either for the United States, or for the United Nations. Part of consideration of policy is both thinking about the desired consequences of the policy, as well as any potential unintended consequences of that policy. For example, if your policy is to mandate employer based child care for businesses with over 200 employees, then your intended consequences might be to provide affordable high quality child care at the worksite so parents can say, have access to children so that infants can be breastfed, and parents can interact with the child during the work day. Perhaps your proposal includes tax breaks for the companies who do this, and the expectation that workers will cover only a portion of the costs with employers covering the rest. An unintended consequence may be that parents spend time away from their duties interacting with their children and are not as productive. Or it might be that employees without children resent the workers who are using the onsite care because they see those employees are getting a benefit they don’t have or use. Policies almost always have some “winners” and some people who may perceive they are “losers”.Turn in for this assignment:1. Aclear statement of the policya. Policies can cover issues such as: alternative work schedules, child care, elder care, employee assistance programs, leave policies, gender equity policies, policies to protect workers from exploitation, or other potential areas. If you are not sure if your idea constitutes a policy then send the instructor an email and ask.2. The potential intended consequences of the policy3. Who potentially could be adversely affected by the policy, or who might oppose this policy4. Who would pay for implementation and regulation of that policy5. A summary of whether or not you believe this policy could ever be enacted, and why or why not.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ? 

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