GENETIC VARIATION IN B-TYPE NATRIURETIC PEPTIDE PATHWAY AFFECTS BNP LEVEL in the diagnosis of Heart failureProject descriptionThe purpose of the proposal is to clearly and concisely answer the questions: what, why and how. The proposal should explain the purpose of the proposed research, the specific objectives and how these objectives will be accomplished. The proposal must be no more than two double-spaced typed pages, exclusive of the bibliography. The proposal for LS 801 is not expected nor should it be designed/written to answer your research hypothesis, except to the extent that the student may propose/predict an anticipated answer/result.The LS 801 Research Project Proposal MUST contain the following clearly labeled sections.Project title (line 1) and your name (line 2): The title (why may be provisional with respect to the final report) should be sufficient to orient the evaluators to the students proposed research.Introduction and definition of the problem: This section must give a brief introductory review of the problem of interest. Studies that have been done should be summarized, and any deficiencies noted. This section should list and describe the specific objectives of the proposed research and relate the significance to the extension of knowledge in the field.Experimental design: This section must describe how the problem will be approached (experimental protocol/design, literature review, qualitative, quantitative, etc). From reading this section, reviewers must be able to evaluate whether your protocol will be able to accomplish your project objective. The reviewers must also be able to determine whether the project is feasible with respect to time, resources and expertise. Specific steps do not need to be delineated, but the types of procedures, materials, instruments and methods of evaluation should be clearly and briefly stated. Note that mere repetition of a manufacturer or laboratory protocol is not acceptable. The student must be able to succinctly describe the research process in his/her own words.Bibliography: A bibliography based on a current literature search and review should be included. Pertinent studies and reference texts must be cited in the format of current journals in the field. ALL CITATIONS MUST BE LISTED WITH AN ACTIVE LINK TO THE PUBLICATION.Proposal Written Format: Use Times (12 point), Times-Roman (12 point), or Arial font (11 point) only. Your page set-up must be formatted at 1 inch margins all around.Written proposals not conforming to the formatting requirements will be returned if submitted at or before the due date. Students will have 24 hours to correct and return the proposal, after which time proposals not received will earn a 0.All literature reviewed must be cited in your proposal. ALL CITATIONS MUST BE LISTED WITH AN ACTIVE LINK TO THE PUBLICATION.References must be numbered in the order in which they are presented in the proposal.You must use appropriate citation style for journal and web-based literature* Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) is the receptor for LPS[.] and in [In] a typical immune response it [TLR4] plays a critical role in innate immunity (2).PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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