(Get Answer) – genres of British Heavy Metal and British Punk during the 1970’s

Research Essay. 70%. Students will individually write an essay 2500 words in length and will demonstrate a clear command of academic writing requirements including Harvard APA. This assesses learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4.Learning Outcomes:1. Critique important developments in contemporary music. 2. Critically review the concept of cross-cultural perspective in relation to music and its impact on genres and styles. 3. Critically analyse a key thematic area in depth. 4. Confidently and fluently construct a coherent academic argument.I have uploaded an example of an essay plan and essay on a different subject to illustrate the standard of work required. The power point “The six signpost questions” gives an overview of the areas that need to be covered and questions to address. While talking about all these aspects always reflect back to authenticity and value.It is important to focus on the BRITISH 1970-1980 heavy metal and punk only (not US or from other time periods).

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