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Esssay OverviewFor this assignment, you will write a research-based essay of at least 6 pages that identifies a specific problem related to humankind�s relationship with the environment and proposes and/or defends a solution to that problem (see A&B pages244-262). Ideally, the problem and/or solution will be one you�ve identified via the research you�ve been conducting all quarter. Most likely, the proposal will be inspired by the research and writing you did for Essay Two: Exploratory Essay. Your essay should be closed-form and governed by a thesis inspired by one of the templates from TSIS (see pages 55-67). It should also incorporate at least six outside sources, three of which, unless otherwise specified and/or approved by your instructor, may not originate from a…… What We Offer:• On-time delivery guarantee• PhD-level professionals• Automatic plagiarism check• 100% money-back guarantee• 100% Privacy and Confidentiality• High Quality custom-written papers

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