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Here are the questions to answer.1) Explain how authentication, access control, and auditing work together to establish defense in layers for a network.2) Describe the impact of a breach of the CIA triad for a the campus police department at a midsized private university.  Be sure to describe what type of attackscould lead to a CIA triad breach.3) You have been hired by the Connecticut State Police to replace their current authentication system for the agency’s criminal database .  The old system used a username and user selected password for authentication.  What type of two-factor authentication would you use and why?  Account for potential problems your newauthentication system could face.4) Explain what the OSI is and the importance that it plays in network security.5) Describe the network investigation tools that are available online and explain how these tools can be used in a network crime investigation.6) Describe in detail the problems to investigators caused by the format of digital evidence. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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