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HR Diagram1)What isits position in the HRDiagram?2) List all properties of your star like parallax, proper motion, color, magnitude, etc.3) Where is itin its own life cycle?4) How does it generate energy?or does it generatenewenergy?5) Describehowyour starwill end its life.6)What isits location with respect toour Sun?7) How was your star named?8)What isthe story behind the constellation in which your star resides?9) Is your star a binary? If so, what is its period and mass?Do not discussastrologyor use astrological referencesexcept in anhistoricalcontext,please!!8. Finally, remember that you are not graded on the first draft. Youmay add newinformation inAprilto the final report, which is due at5:00pm(Arizonatime!!)onApril25.Your grade for the Star Report (100pts), which is 14% of your final course grade,willbe based solelyon yourfinal report.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ? 

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