(Get Answer) – Identity theft: the impact of the changing technological context on relationships and social lives to enhance learning, communication, decision-making, and privacy

You have been asked to prepare an executive summary for the governor on the topic you investigated in Parts 1 and 2 of the Applied Final Project. Your job is to highlight the importance of your chosen topic by stating why the issue warrants public attention. Be sure to identify the scope and scale of who is impacted by your topic and then support your summary with the research you have done. Finally, take a position on what you would like to see done at the public policy level to address any gaps or shortcomings that are raised by your topic.Executive SummaryAlthough the impact of the changing technological context has had numerous advantages in terms of enhancing learning, communication, and decision-making, on the other flip side it has imposed endless difficulties, especially due to its adverse impact on security. As a matter of fact, use of new technology devices is now indispensable in all walks of life since firms, individuals, governments, and institutions from all over the world are making attempts to improve information and network security, albeit many challenges. Sund (2007) reveals that there are more than 4 billion users of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) across the globe, making use of more and more powerful devices such as mobile phones. However, as a result of converging of different forms of technologies, the intricacy of cyber-threats is increasingly becoming a reality. Indeed, because of their enhanced capability, most of the technology devices are increasing the opportunities for “cross-infection” and damage (Wright, Dawson, & Omar, 2012).………………………………………………For more on this paper, click hereTo get a custom written paper in this or any other topic, click hereExpert consultations to help you with studies

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