(Get Answer) – Leadership and the National Quality Framework

Essay on Leadership and the National Quality FrameworkWrite an essay addressing the following two questions:a)     Reflect on the Quality Areas included in the National Quality Standard (ACECQA, 2011) and discuss the importance of these areas in the provision of quality education for young children in early childhood settings.b)     What opportunities and challenges does the National Quality Framework (ACECQA, 2011) present to early childhood leaders interested in upholding social justice for children and families in our communities?A  clear understanding  of  the  quality  areas  in  the  NQS  was  provided(4 marks)Thorough exploration and understanding of the importance of the NQS (8 marks)Thoughtful critical analysis of the opportunities and challenges of implementing the NQF in  achieving social  justice  for  children  and  families (15 marks)Evidence  of  academic  writing  skills,  including  accurate  and  appropriate  referencing,  and  clear  expression  (3 marks)The text books for the unit are the ones I messaged you about. I have another assignment of this unit, I’ll photocopy and scan those chapters tomorrow, please use some referencing to the 2 text books.The main website to go to National Quality Framework:Australian  Children’s  Education  and  Care  Quality  Authority *http://www.acecqa.gov.au/Other useful websites for the unit:• Australian  Community  Children’s  Services  (ACCS)  (Previously  NACBCS):

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