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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements  *The assignment is to write a Lobbying PlanIssue: S.B.1070 Immigration Laws in ArizonaClient: Arizona Coalition for Migrant RightsState: Arizona*Instructions of the assignment:The lobbying/advocacy plan should be a complete strategy for advancing or defeating the policy you have selected for your client (Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights) in your assigned state legislature (Arizona). The plan should include:Landscape Analysis/Environmental Scan– a clear articulation of the issue (S.B.1070 Immigration Laws in Arizona) and why its adoption or defeat is important to your client (Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights)– information about why the policy under consideration is a benefit or detriment to the citizens of your state (Arizona)Strategy– strategy statement/paragraph– audience/target identification (who are the people and groups you need to touch (generally) in depth review of the targets should take place in subsequent sections)– legislator targets and analysis (why are these legislators the ones you need to engage? key committees? geography? constituency? If there are no good targets, who can you cultivate as a champion and why?)– coalition targets (which third parties/coalitions/citizen groups/uncommon allies can you engage to advance or defeat your policy agenda? why does/should your issue matter to them?)– what will you do with each of your target groups. What is your ask of them?– timeline (what is the time horizon for success? what intermediate goals can be accomplished that will help justify or validate your strategy? State legislatures can move more quickly than Congress – but it’s no guarantee you’ll accomplish your objective in the first attempt.)Collateral– key messages and specific call to action. You must answer the legislator question: “What do you want me to do?”– supportive data– talking points document– advertising (not required, but would it make sense for your plan? what would the message be? what is the call to action?)Here’s some additional thoughts:Arizona’s immigration scene is a fast-moving target – active in legislation and two U.S. Supreme Court responses in 2010 and 2012. SB1070 was overruled – but the state continues to face litigation on the remaining provision (police can check immigration status during a lawful stop). There is also a recent ruling on the state’s 2005 smuggling law.See:http://www.latinpost.com/articles/25513/20141109/immigration-reform-2014-news-federal-judge-strikes-down-arizonas-controversial-immigration-smuggling-law.htm  (linked on the AZcoalition for migrant rights page).and http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/09/us-usa-immigration-arizona-idUSKBN0IT02Z20141109The proposed action for Arizona therefore needs to be up to date – what actions are desirable/achievable for the Coalition to undertake next.Did the political landscape in Arizona change at all in the 2014 election? What are the immigration views of the new governor? What is the role of counties, municipalities, nongovernmental organizations for your proposed action?Also I will attach a file and I need you to fill it out it’s CALLED “planpdf” and then I need you to send it back to me, so I can make sure you are on the right track. This is my final project, and I need the work to be perfect.

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