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Read the letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr and write how it correlated with human rights and the criminal justice systemThe letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr            Dr. Martin Luther King observed that the devastating reality of universal injustice in a racialized society leads to “pent-up resentments and latent frustrations” (Letter from Birmingham Jail, p. 6), among African Americans. In addition, time and again, this leads to destructive ways. Dr. Luther’s complaint about the wrongs perpetrated on African Americans elucidates the emotional and psychological impact as well as the legalized injustices of segregation. Segregation represented the structural expression of existential remarks such as: You are nobody, you are inferior.            The civil movement was not only about winning economic and political gains. At its core, it was associated with creation of a society that respects all its people’s absolute equality. Dr. Luther observes that millions are living without hope for a future, since they have “plunged into the abyss of despair” (Letter from Birmingham Jail, p. 3). He adds that children are growing up in an environment full of substandard housing, schools, and that the neighborhoods are still reflecting a sense of inferiority.For more on this paper, click hereTo get a custom written paper in this or any other topic, click hereExpert consultations to help you with studies

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