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occupational therapywrite a paper demonstrating initial skills on use of available college andlibrary resources (including electronic databases to conduct a literature review),practice APA style, research literature and data collection using professional journals, as well as critical thinking skills necessary for an independent learner.SKILL (S)1.    Students will write a 3 page paper in APA format about their area of interest in OT.2.    Students should research at least one article from a professional journal and cite and reference it using accurate APA format.3.    Student will submit assignment using e-mail to evidence their familiarity with use of communication technology.ACTIVITY/PROCESSActivities and Processes/stepsSelect a field of interest in OT?    Fields may include specialty areas such as pediatrics, hand therapy, etc.?    Discuss why this area has personal interest for me as a student?    Discuss what kinds of personal skills/abilities I posses that will be useful in this clinical area.Research?    Complete a search on a library database with access to OT professional journals?    Identify a minimum of 5 professional articles with the topic of interest; print the page with your search results.?    Read through each of the 5 abstracts to determine which article will be most effective for inclusion in your paper.?    Once the paper is selected, copy the paper to your files, print the article, read the article, highlight the most relevant information that will be pertinent for inclusion in your paper and attach the paper to your assignment.

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