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PhotographyConcept Outline – A short synopsis describing your Final Portfolio.1000-1500 words, plus reference images, storyboards and sketches.Students should also read the Final Portfolio (Assessment Item 3) carefully tounderstand what the Final Portfolio is and thus what their Concept Outline is for.This document should provide a clear description of the portfolio concept, design &proposed production methodology.Marks will be awarded for creativity and good research in scoping inspirations for theirintended Final Portfolio.Students are expected to research their initial visual ideas, how they might create theproposed images, the genres of photography or other visual culture that the series mayfit into. It is useful to find outstanding practitioners & stylists in the areas you would liketo work in & investigate the techniques those photographers use for obtaining theireffects or particular ?look?.Students are not expected to know technical details but are expected to investigatethe effects used by inspirational photographers and the techniques that may beneeded create the image.You may use example images from your research on reference images fromphotographers; you will find it helpful to produce a caption script if applicable,storyboards and/or thumbnail sketches to illustrate your own ideas for the themeand composition of images.Document & reference your research. (include reference images in the body of the text)Don?t assume that your own early ideas as a novice photographer are completelyoriginal and without precedent: not finding those relationships or links is more likely tomean you haven?t done the appropriate visual research.The concept outline is a concise piece of professional writing. It is an imaginative &visual exercise in creative media development that should demonstrate your abilityto scope the creative & professional tasks involved (what techniques in particularyou will need to master, potential locations) as well as convey your vision of yourproject.IMPORTANT: References in Written Work to photographers & critics. There are millionsof photographers out there. To ensure that students focus on culturally significantphotography content students should only refer to photographers in unit materials or onthe websites listed. Students may ask tutor for permission to use a particularphotographer or writer outside this restriction.Elements you may wish to consider in your Concept Outline include:? Your photographic concept ? a clear explanation of what it is you want to do inyour final portfolio.? What moods and motivating elements are you trying to achieve PHO124 Photography Unit Guide S1, 2014Murdoch UniversityPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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