(Get Answer) – Psych Mental Health Nursing;QSEN Activity # 1 Focus: Teamwork and Collaboration

Psych Mental Health Nursing;QSEN Activity # 1 Focus: Teamwork and CollaborationObjective: Students will analyze the importance of teamwork and collaboration using evidence based practice (Team STEPPS) in rendering patient centered care in a psychiatric mental health setting.Interprofessional education. The importance of interprofessional collaboration, the need for educating tomorrow’s professionals in this competency is tremendously important. Sometimes, health care professionals are educated in professional silos, although this is slowly changing. The IOM (2003) accelerated the pace of change when it declared that five competencies should be demonstrated by graduates of all health professions’ schools, among them the ability to function effectively in interdisciplinary teams.TeamSTEPPS is one of the methods that can be use to address QSEN Teamwork and collaboration. See discussion below.The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) collaborated with the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop an initiative that stresses teamwork and communication among physicians, nurses, and other health care personnel to make the delivery of health care safer for all patients. Originally developed for work in the military, the Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS[TM]) principles have been adapted for use in patient care to reduce clinical errors, and improve patient outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction. The program has been successful in a variety of settings such as the emergency departments and labor and delivery. Four key skill areas form the basis for training: leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support and communication.Prior to completing this QSEN activity in your clinical site, please complete the following:1.    Review TeamSTEPPS principles (http://teamstepps.ahrq.gov)2.    Select one peer reviewed article that discusses information about interprofessional collaboration and/or TeamSTEPPS used in clinical setting. How does this article relate to psych mental health nursing?ACTIVITY:1.    Observe situations in your clinical site that can possibly incorporate TeamSTEPPS principles and skill area. (One thing that can incorporate TeeamSTEPPS would be the hospital’s RN to RN handoff report.  Currently, handoff consists of a mixture of face to face and previously tape recorded shift report.  Incorporation of 100% face to face shift report and using a standardized form when giving shift report may increase communication between nurses and decrease miscommunication and errors)2.    Write down your observations and answer the following questions:A.    Describe the situation, WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN,  HOWa.    Who- would be the nursing staffb.    What- would be RN shift reportc.    Where- would be on the hospital unitd.    When- would be between end of one shift and start of anothere.    How- face-to-face reportingB.    What TeamSTEPPS principle and or skill area were incorporated? If Team STEPPS principle was not incorporated, how could it have been incorporated?C.    How does the use of TeamSTEPPS principle encourage patient safety in this situation?WRITE-UP:1.    Use an APA format. Paper must not be more than 2 pages in length (title page and reference page are not included)2.    Summarize your findings per your activity observations. Synthesize your peer reviewed article that discusses information about interprofessional collaboration and/or TeamSTEPPS used in clinical setting in your paper.3.    Use a reference page to incorporate your ideas from the peer reviewed article you use for your analysis.

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