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QUALITATAIVE ResearchOrder DescriptionAssignment Details:A formal assessment in the form of a written assignment of 5000 words (including references) focuses on qualitative research design, method and justification for choice. You need to adopt a critical approach towards qualitative research justifying your particular choice(s) and evaluating the relative merits of your approach within an array of possible approaches. The assignment should be written with particular reference to the participant’s chosen topic of research. Through critical appraisal and discussion of qualitative research methods and consideration of expected research outcomes the work will demonstrate appropriate choice and justification of different methods in order to inform the proposed research question, objectives and thesis. You will need to demonstrate how your chosen qualitative method(s) achieve(s) your specific research aim(s).– There 4 approach you need to chose two of it• Ethnographic research,• Case Study Research,• Action Research• Grounded Theory.

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