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Quality Management AssessmentQuality Management Assessment – Benchmarking, Process Mapping, Process Variation and Continual Improvement Analysis of the coffee making process of ?Starbucks? and ?a cafe of your choice?.Quality management is fundamentally concerned with delivering an advantage to the organization by focusing directly on customer needs and driving costs down (reducing waste) and increasing value (increasing profits).Students will benchmark, process map the process for customers of both Starbucks and a cafe of choice from the point the customer enters the shop/serving area to the point they leave the shop/serving area. By benchmarking and mapping the process students will be able to determine where the opportunity for improvement is (i.e. cost and time savings, efficiency improvement etc.). Students will then re-map the process for both companies and sites based on their own ideas for improvement.The process maps must include all functions of the shop/serving area (from the perspective of the customer) from the point where the transaction commences to the point where the transaction is completed and closed out. The process maps must clearly show the points for improvement and these points must be fully discussed in the supporting report.Additionally, students are expected to measure the coffee making process and conduct a process variation analysis based on the service lead time.Students will then write a proposal [report] (maximum 2000 words) that discusses the original map and their improved map and the expected improvements or benefits to both organisations that will result if they were to adopt the new procedure. Students will include both maps as appendices within the proposal.To successfully complete this project, students are expected to conduct several site visits to a suitable Starbucks and cafe of choice (perhaps in a food court or local mall) where they will be able to observe the operation and map it accordingly.Students must not make contact with the organisation or its staff during this work and they must not interrupt the operation in any way. If you do approach anyone from the organisation it will be referred to the PIO for student misconduct and depending on the results of their investigation it could result in a 0 mark being awarded. The findings from this analysis are to be by observation only.Students must also undertake desk research focusing on relevant quality improvement tools and techniques and they must reference these within the report and discuss how they might be applied in the study.The Report must be referenced, single-spaced contain relevant headings and sections and it must focus on providing real improvement measures into the process. General reports on quality management, the history of the organisation or quality management, business analysis or market position will not be accepted and result in zero marksPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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