(Get Answer) – Rationality Debate: Critically discuss the theoretical and empirical evidence that humans are rational thinkers Custom Essay

� Provide a detailed description of the rationality debate.� Outline and evaluate the contribution of 1) Dual-process theory, 2) Bounded-unbounded rationality and 3) Behavioural economics.� Outline and evaluate some empirical research on rationality.The general requirement for a good answer is to:� Be well-written, showing evidence of sound argument and critical insight.� Show reading of relevant recent research and an ability to integrate this research into the answer in a well-structured manner.� Identify contradictory findings and/or gaps in literature� Integrate findings from the different theories, e.g. dual process, argumentative, normative, bounded-unbounded rationality, and behavioural economics.� Discuss research and theory� Evaluate the empirical research you present� Consider how it tests theories� Is it consistent with other research in the area� Evaluate theories� How do they differ from rival theories� What evidence supports them� Directly relate each piece of research and each theory to the question of rationality (does it suggest we are [ir]rational and why).� *Include a wide range of sources � primarily journal articles.� Argue for a position and then take the opposite perspective � what would someone say if they wanted to prove you wrong.� Side with the evidence and weight of argumentA good macro levelA good micro levelESSAY (TOTAL 2750 words)INTRODUCTION (250 words)� General intro to the rationality debate.BODY (2250 words total). Try to have a smooth transition between the paragraphs)� PARAGRAPH 1. Dual-process theory (750 words)o (Does it suggest we are rational or irrational and why).� PARAGRAPH 2. Bounded-unbounded rationality (750 words)o (Does it suggest we are rational or irrational and why).� PARAGRAPH 3. Behavioural economics (750 words)o (Does it suggest we are rational or irrational and why).

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