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100,000,000 to invest across a minimum of 10 equities holdings and a maximum of 15. It would be useful/interesting to use the international make-up within this module to team up with individuals who have knowledge of overseas companies Who is Frances answer to Marks & Spencer?? Indias answer to Vodaphone??Each individual is to produce a list of recommended investments for the team who will decide which shares are chosen for initial investment. Each individual will submit a written report (C 750 words) detailing their choices and brief rationale.You basically have to pick 10 companies and you have a 100 million to spend on shares. You can do this through using yahoo finance fantasy trader. You have to give reasoning as to why you picked these companies and analyse them individually.REPORT ON TEN COMPANIES WHO’S SHARE PRICE WILL INCREASE IN THE NEXT 3 MONTHSIntroduction            With $10,000,000 to invest in 10 companies, an extensive market search has been conducted and 10 companies whose share price is expected to increase in the next three months selected. The paper gives the rationale for the selection of each of company.FedEx (NYSE: FDX)            Investment in FedEx Corporation will ensure that we enjoy superior returns since the company offers its shareholders a broad portfolio worldwide, ranging from transportation to business services and e-commerce. FedEx offers integrated business applications through a variety of companies, which attracts annual revenue of up to $43 billion. In 2002, Mr. Smith, FedEx chairman, assured investors that the company intends to raise its dividends in the future; therefore, we anticipate high dividend payout, which is a key objective in our investment (Fedex, 2013).Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV)            Southwest Airlines is a company that offers a competitive low-fare service. Its operating cost structure is very low hence offering it a very strong competitive edge – which is likely to boost its share prices. Also, since it offers one of the best customer services, its growth prospects is quite promising. Furthermore, its estimated long term EPS growth rate is 25.90, which is very attractive.Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG)            This blue chip company is one of the largest consumer goods dealers. The company has been in business for 172 years now and does business in more than 180 countries, which makes it ideal for geographical diversification. The company generates about $ 79 billion in annual revenues and prides of some of the world’s most competitive subsidiaries including Gillette, which enjoys more than 70% of the world’s razors and blades market share.Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX)            Starbucks will offer us an opportunity to diversify our portfolio with the institutional investors, given that 76% of its outstanding shares are held by institutional investors. This also implies that heavy investors as well as long-term invetors have a lot of confidence with the Starbucks and its future. In addition, we are encouraged by its solid revenue growth; for example, in 2007 the company reported $9.4 billion in revenue while in 2011 it reported $11.7 billion, which is an annual growth of 5.362%. It will also be important to note that the company’s dividend yield is handsomely 1.66%, which is pretty remarkable (Yahoo Finance, 2013).Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)            The stocks of JNJ generate over 6 per cent free cash flow yield coupled by a solid earnings prospects. Indeed, factoring in its 3.3% dividend yield makes this company a very good option. As such, its choice will go a long way in balancing the risk end of our portfolio (Yahoo Finance, 2013).Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A)            Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A) optimistic prospects has been made evident by TheStreet Ratings, which has upgraded it from hold to buy. Furthermore, there a variety of areas that puts the strengths of this company to perspective. This includes its increasing net income, revenue growth, outstanding return on equity, good cash flow from operations, as well as solid stock price performance. Actually, BBK-A’s revenue growth is to some extent higher than the industry average of 13.1%. In addition, the company’s earnings per share has been boosted by growth in the company’s revenue, hence making this company one of the most promising investment destination (The Street Wire, 2012).Dell (Nasdaq: DELL)            DELL has performed extremely well on the charts for the past several months. Actually, the company has outperformed the wider S&P 500 Index by almost 23% for the past 60 sessions, while the shares have grown by about 43% since the company registered a three-year low of $ 8.69 on 16th November. In the present session, the stock is augmenting to these gains, following some bullish brokerage focus despite rumors that the computer concern in bracing for privatization.Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM)            Toyota Motor is faring well with its debt/equity of 0.55, which is not alarming. Again, its P/E ration is 11.25x and PEG of 0.40 x, which makes its shares to appear undervalued.  Its vehicles sales projection for 2012 was 9.7 million vehicles and for 2013 was 9.91 million vehicles, which is a sign of optimism.  Unlike some of its competitors, Toyota is enjoying remarkable growth in sales in almost all of its models. Toyota is also expected to increase its…………………………………………………. For more on this paper, click hereTo get a custom written paper in this or any other topic, click hereExpert consultations to help you with studies

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