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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements QUESTION (DRISS)Designed for large commercial venues, CrimeFace is a new video analytic system that alerts security teams when someone believed to be a thief enters in their premises. The system is based on face recognition algorithms. It compares a set of features extracted from an image of the suspect’s face (e.g. someone entering the store), with the sets of features extracted from images of known offenders in the CrimeFace digital library.The images of potential suspects are from live CCTV feeds, and can come from any of the cameras located in the store. The images of offenders are obtained from various sources who use CrimeFace. These include the store’s own CCTV images of individuals who have previously been caught stealing in their premises.CrimeFace Ltd, the company manufacturing the system, would like a reputable academic (you) to answer the following research question: “Does the implementation of the CrimeFace system have a significant positive effect on the prevention and disruption of retail theft in the stores where it is installed?”CrimeFace Ltd invited you to submit a document consisting of four parts:1- Research HypothesisFormulation of a research hypothesis, along with some justification.Several hypotheses would probably need be tested in order to fully answer the research question. For this assessment, you are being asked to specify just one of them, ideally the most important one. The hypothesis should be sufficiently broad to give CrimeFace a good idea of what you would do to answer the question, and sufficiently narrow to be tested. Briefly mention what else would need to be tested during the project to answer the above research question.2- EvidenceDescription of what would constitute evidence to test the hypothesis.You should introduce your null and alternative statistical hypotheses here.3- Research DesignSpecification of the following elements: design components, data collection method(s), and data analysis method(s) that would be adopted to provide the sought evidence, along with a justification for your design choices.You may want to use the APA framework to structure your answer. It should be possible for the reader to read the details of the design without having to read the justifications.4- LimitationsPresentation, evaluation and discussion of the design’s limitations.Use your hypothesis (not the research question) as a reference point to answer this part. In other words, you do not need to explain again what else would need to be tested that your hypothesis does not cover to answer the research question.Marks will be deducted if you present a constraint as a limitation.Project constraints:• The study must not last longer than 6 months.• The cost of implementing the system will be covered by CrimeFace. Reasonable travel cost will be covered too.• A large UK supermarket group called Aldesco agreed to help you with the study. They are happy to give you access to their data and facility, providing the project does not disturb their activities.• Aldesco does not wish you to make your relationship public; no one should know that they are interested in the CrimeFace system until the end of the study.• You may be able to obtain some police data but this may take more than six months…FORMATYou must separate your answers and organise them in the same order as in the problem sheet. In this way it will be easier for the external examiner to review your answers, and easier for you to match them to the marking scheme. When reading a paragraph in your copy, it should be evident for the external examiner to know which question and subquestion it refers to..MARKING CRITERIAIn addition to the criteria set out above, the following criteria will be taken into accountwhen grading your exam paper:• Presentation, structure and quality of writing• Relevance, accuracy and pertinence of the answers (including correct use of technical terms)• Appropriate references to, and understanding of, the relevant literature, including appropriate referencing style• Evidence of having gone beyond the course materials (required readings and lecture notes)

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