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Project descriptionGGRAO2Geographies of Global ProcessesFall Term 2014Assignment 4: Research Paper.OverviewAssignment 4 is the fourth and final stage of your four-part assignment for GGRA02. In this stage, you are required to develop a research paper related to the initial topic/text you have elected to examine. For details on how to write a research paper see the material available in the Writing a Course Paper folder available under the Academic Skills: Resources folder on Blackboard.Detailed InstructionsOn the basis of the previous assignments the Critical Analysis, Research Proposal and the Peer Review exercise and further research, provide a coherently argued, solidly documented and clearly organized argument related to the research material you have compiled.The research paper must be based on a detailed engagement with the non-academic sources you have carefully chosen and a minimum of 5 substantial academic sources.Make sure to read materials carefully and use concepts precisely. Do not forget to define, with references, the key terms in your paper (examples: globalization, space, place, relationality, core, periphery). The meaning of these terms can vary and influence how you approach the research topic.Paper length: 5-6 pages (Approximately 1500-words).For this final stage, please include the Peer Review worksheet completed for Assignment 3.. Staple these to the back of your completed paper.Summary of Key RequirementsWrite a 5-6 page Research Paper focused on the topic you have examined throughout term.Ensure that your paper is properly referenced following the APA format.Submit your Peer Review Worksheet with your paper (please staple!).Formatting InstructionsWriting in the first person is permitted.No title page requiredName, student number, course code & TAs name in assignment headerPage numbers (preferably at bottom of page)Stapled (top left)Double spaceStandard 1 margins12 pt (Times New Roman, Garamond) OR 10 pt (Arial) fontHeadings/sub-headings recommended (be creative!)Referencing Instructions:Use APA format for citations and bibliographies. Any outside information (course readings, supporting evidence, illustrations that are not your own etc.) MUST be referenced accordingly. Please see the following website for information on this referencing style: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/using-sources/documentation?start=2PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?57.project managementProject descriptionThe individual project report is purely theoretical, based on the case study given below. The assignment is to produce a project development plan report containing the following clearly identifiable sections (breakdown of marks/section indicated):a)To take the appropriate Client Requirements Document (see below) and use the information within it to produce a Project Requirements Document in engineering terms;(15%)b)From the PRD you will produce a Work Breakdown Structure that shows activities required to take the project from itsa current state to a point at which it could be implemented;(20%)c)An estimate of the resources & finances required to complete the project;(15%)d)You will then work out the logical sequence of events, assigning dependencies to produce project planning documentation (GANTT & PERT charts) clearly showing all of the pathways identified and clearly indicating the Critical Path; (20%)e)A distinct list of project deliverables and milestones; (10%)f)Finally you will carry out a detailed Risk Analysis assigning likelihood and impact scores, identifying priorities and mitigation options for each risk.(10%)g)The Structure and Readability will be assessed and a standard format should be adopted with the following sections:(10%)i.Introduction and brief description of the clientas requirements.ii.Project requirementsiii.Work Breakdown Structure a you may find it useful to provide WBS, GANTT, Resources lists and finance data all within this sectioniv.PERT Chart with clearly identified critical path in the format given during lectures NOT using Microsoft Project network diagramsv.Deliverables and milestones with datesvi.Project risks and mitigation optionsvii.Summary and any conclusionsviii.References for theoretical models used in production of the reportThis report will be in 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing and use the IEEE referencing style where you have made use of theoretical models or need to attribute images. The university takes a strong stance on identified instances of plagiarism see Statement of Assessment (SoA), so please ensure you have accounted for all sources.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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