(Get Answer) – Research to Further Elaborate on The Rise of Shadow Banking

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements  Part 1 may be between 300 to 800 words long. In part 2, you may discuss:In general, some additional research to further elaborate on the seminar topic (s) you selected would enrich your report and is strongly encouraged. You can search for journal articles or research works published by the IMF, Federal Reserve Banks in the US, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, etc.a. Part 1 summarizes the ideas, observations or theories put forth by the speaker(s);b. Part 2 analyzes and discusses the ideas, observations or theories put forth by the speaker(s); andc. a list of referencesd. whether you agree with the speaker(s), why you agree or disagree, and use examples, data or other research to support your arguments; and/or What the speaker is all in the PowerPoint slides, I cannot agree or disagree, because he didn’t says shadow banking is good or bad.e. how you can (or cannot) use the ideas, observations or theories presented by the speaker(s) in your job or personal decisions; and/orf. how the ideas, observations or theories put forth by the speaker(s) can (or cannot) help you develop more insights about the economy or the financial markets.g. If you would like to quote the works of others, you should cite explicitly the sources and list the references that you have used in your report. If you wish to cite word for word from another article, you should write “….” footnote on the publication. But do this sparingly if you have to.h. Each individual report submitted by students will be scanned by specialized computer programs that can detect various forms of plagiarism very easily.

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