RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENTAfter reflecting on your learning from this module, and in the light of our discussions about responsible management,Analyse the following question:Why has ‘doing the right thing’ – socially, economically and environmentally – become a complex personal and corporate business decision in the twenty first century?Use your knowledge of theory and practice to interpret this question. Remember to include perspectives from relevant literature, appropriate business examples, and your independent study, with justification for the point of view you are presenting.• Ensure accurate use of Harvard referencing, and a minimum of 15 academic references is expected. On-line references are acceptable as long as they are from academic and/or reputable sources.• The type should be 12 font with 1.5 spacing.• The word count should be clearly shown at the beginning of the essay and• All pages should be numbered.Please note – Analyse means: Deduce, relate, appraise, investigate, compare, contrast, differentiate, distinguish, interpretHow to start:1. Analyse the question: What is the question about?• The triple bottom line – CSR – social, economic and environmental responsibilities of business.• Triple bottom line for individuals in a global world – both as an individual, and as an employee in a business environment.• Why is this referred to as ‘doing the right thing’?• What is relevant about the reference to the 21st century in the title?• How are social, environmental and economic decisions both personal and corporate?• Why is there complexity in business decision making?• Have business decisions always been complex, or is there added complexity in a global world?2. Plan your essay:What is the introduction to your essay? Signpost how you will address the question ie the key points you will be making and your line of critical argument.What are your key arguments about business decision making in the 21st century. What evidence can you cite from the literature?What are your key arguments about ‘doing the right thing’? Is there any difference between personal decision making and corporate decision making? What evidence can you cite from the literature?What social, environmental and economic issues are you going to discuss as part of ‘doing the right thing’? Justify your choices.3. Weighing up and considering the different views – some examples only……PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ? 

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