(Get Answer) – Role of internet and interactive media in an IMC Program

MAKT 355 Spring 2015 semesterProject GuidelinesA. Topics you could write on as the following (select one):1- Women in Kuwaiti Media2- Men in Kuwaiti Media3- Islam in Kuwaiti Media4- Hala February in Kuwaiti Media5- Advertising campaign effect in success the organization in the following fields:a. Health: (Fight against Smoking, Drugs, Cancer disease)b. Environmentc. Educationd. Business (Automotive, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Telecommunicating, Banking)6- Technological Revolution in Advertising7- Role of internet and interactive media in an IMC Program8- Publicity Vs. Privacy9- Public Relation Impact on company’s ability to achieve its objectives10- Using Integrated Direct Marketing for Competitive Advantages11- Importance of Sales Promotion in Companies IMC12- Role of Personal Selling in IMC ProgramB. If you wish to do this project individually : Total world required 2500- 3000 wordsC. Or you can do it as Group Assignment 2-3 students maximum: you & other student”: Total world required 4000- 4500 words.Note:Female Student should work with female student, while male student should work with male student.D. Students’ Project Outlines to be sent to the professor for approvalE. Format required:• Font: Arial• Font Size: 12• Line spacing between rows: DoubleF. Cover page required , and should includes the followings:• Advertising & Promotion MRKT 355• AUK University• Project’s Name/ or Title:• Prepared By student’s name:• Student Number:• Words count ( )• Professor’s name:• Date of submitting the project:Note:Every page of your project should include at the bottom – right corner: your First name, Last nameG. Index & Executive Summary are requiredH. Citation, Bibliography, Appendix (if using) should be documented: APA/ or MLA Citation Style to be used. Website bellow shows the rule & exampleshttp://www.ehow.com/about_5435492_mla-vs-apa-works-cited.htmlI. You will be graded ono Cover pageo Table of contento Executive summaryo Introductiono Project Body/ Content: IMC Application & Implementation & analysis,o Conclusionso Recommendation.

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