(Get Answer) – Self Introduction for Adult Education Course

Self Introduction for Adult Education CourseOrder DescriptionBiographical information: Provide some background biographical information (whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the class), such as your name, gender, ethnicity, where you live, what kind of work you do, and so on.Adult Education Experience & Goals: Say something about what kinds of experiences you have had as an adult educator. In this part you can talk about adult education roles you’ve assumed as a volunteer or in your paid work. You may have helped to organize some learning event or formal program as part of your job or your volunteer/community work. For some of you, teaching and planning adult education activities may already be the main part of your job. For those who have not had much experience as an adult educator, comment on the experiences you’ve had as an adult learner. Briefly comment on your goals as an adult educator.Course Expectations: Outline your expectations of the course. Also tell us if you have taken any other online courses. Talk about those aspects of online learning that have been effective for you and also talk about what hasn’t worked as well.Meaning of Social Justice: The last part of this self-introduction is a commentary on the notion of social justice and what it means to you

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