(Get Answer) – Tele-nursing: Is if in my Future?

Tele-nursing: Is if in my Future?Paper details:Base of paper Scenario: You have worked with Tomika for 5 years and she is going to resigned and is going to work for an agency that installs tele monitoring equipment into the homes of chronic ill patients. A nurse monitors patients using equipment to detect problems before the patient need to be readmitted to the hospital ,Tomika will be working from home with occasional meets at the agency, she will not visit the homes of patients but by videoconferencing ,Tomika states that their is are openings and encourges you to apply. You are intrigued and investigate tele nursing as a choice for a new line of work and is this in your future.Directions : research and find evidence , compose scholarly paper that describes telenuring as above and if its a good fit. Discusses Telehealth in detail , advantages and disadvantagesPaper must have introduction, Body, Conclusion and recommendations , Title page, running head and page numbering , reference page with citations.

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