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The Affordable Care Act  Paper instructions:The Affordable Care Act was President Obama’s shining legislative achievement during his first term and the fulfillment of a campaign promise. Legally speaking, the law raises some important questions, as it relates to the federal government’s ability to force individuals to purchase private insurance 1) What is the commerce argument to justify the individual mandate? What is the taxing argument to justify the individual mandate? 2) Chief Justice Roberts explains how the individual mandate is actually a tax, explain his argument why this is the case 2) Explain why Chief Justice Roberts argued that individuals could be compelled to purchase insurance under Congress’ taxing power, but not their commerce power. 3) Does this distinction make sense to you? 4) Chief Justice Roberts ends his opinion by stating that it is not the judiciary’s job to protect the people from their political choices. Do you agree, or disagree, with this statement? Using insights from this semester, explain why or why not?PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?  

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