(Get Answer) – The elasticity of oil production and consumption

Study Books Used in Class:CoreMicroeconomics (second edition) Gerald W.StoneDescription:My subject is the elasticity of oil production and consumption* The Professor’s requirementsFinal PaperPlease choose only one micro-economic topic such as demand and supply, elasticity, market structure (perfectly competitive market structure, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly), and the likes.The final paper product should be submitted at the day of final exam.Your final paper should have at least 5 (five) full pages of writing, double spaced, 12 font, one-inch margin from all sides. The papers must include:• a cover page,• introduction,• body,• conclusion• and bibliography with at least three sources.The cover page (that contains a one paragraph abstract of the paper) and the bibliography do not count as two of your 5 pages of writing.Each source in the bibliography must include:• Human Author;• Title;• Publisher or Web Address;• Year;• and Page Numbers that you referenced.Graphs, diagrams, etc. are optional. Any idea/statement that you directly quote or paraphrase must be cited as follows: (Human Author, pg. #).The following are guidelines for obtaining grade A, or B, or C, or D or F.Content and OrganizationGradeDescription of PerformanceAThe writer completes the task set by the assignment, and the paper is excellent in nearly all respects. It exhibits the following characteristics:– well argued;– well organized;– clear thesis;– contains well-developed content that is specific, accurate, interesting, and appropriate;– demonstrates the author’s ability to produce and synthesize complex ideas;– contains logical connectors and transitions which contribute to a fluent styleBShares most of the characteristics of the “A” paper. The reasoning is logical, and the content is effectively organized into coherent units. Areas of weakness may be:– less careful reasoning than found in the “A” paper;– minor problems in paragraphing and / or organization.CThe writer has come to terms with the basic task of the assignment, and the paper is generally competent. The organization is sufficiently clear that the reader can move with relative ease through the discourse. The paper, however, has problems in one or more of the following areas:– it may have a weak thesis;– the development of minor points may be weak, but the writer provides evidence of the ability to support key ideas;– connectors and transitions may be lacking or illogicalDThe writer shows difficulty managing the task of the assignment in some significant way. For example:– the thesis may be vague, too broad, or too obvious to be effectively developed;– the thesis may lack adequate support;– paragraphing and organization may be weak, but the reader is never completely lost in terms of following the train of thought.FThe writer fails to come to terms with the assignment. The primary task is ignored, misconstrued, badly mishandled, or redefined to accommodate what the writer wants to say or is able to say. This category may also be used for the paper, which is obviously off topic, regardless of the quality of the writing.Grammar, Punctuation, and SpellingGradeDescription of PerformanceAThe paper is virtually free of errors in sentence structure, usage, and mechanics and shows evidence of excellent control of language.

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