(Get Answer) – The impact of E-Marketing on promotion of (a papular company that is not really good at E-Marketing for Marketing Research)

The impact of E-Marketing on promotion of (a papular company that is not really good at E-Marketing for Marketing Research)Study Books Used in Class:Description:IMPORTANT: The report should discuss about E-Marketing in Development countries and the other countries.The report should provide the problems of E-Marketing of the company and make some solutions and the recommendation at the end.*****Please follow the structure that is written.The first page of the report must be the Executive summary which should has strong and understandable summary of whole of the report.The report should be have some figure related to the topic and Research Marketing.Select a brand that you feel is in need of marketing research – to help you in your choice do secondary research to identify a brand which is facing problems or lacks opportunities and, therefore, would benefit from marketing research. Your report should include the following sections:Title pageExecutive summary (include a summary of all sections in bullet points for the busy executive who may not have time to read the whole report)Table of contents1. Introduction and problem definition (using the secondary data that you have collected on the service of your choice provide some background information on the service (and the company behind it), clearly define the problem or opportunity that the service is facing, and identify the objectives and/or hypotheses of your research)2. Research method and limitations (outline and justify your chosen research method and highlight the limitations of your research design)3. Research findings (present key primary research findings in relation to your objectives and/or hypotheses)4. Conclusions and Recommendations (key conclusions and recommendations for managers of the service in relation to your findings)Appendices (if any)Criteria for assessing the Marketing Research Report include:– clarity of argument– logical, report structure– concise executive summary which summarises the key points of the report– evidence of secondary data that frame the research problem– clear, interesting and relevant objectives/hypotheses in relation to the research problem– justification and discussion of chosen research methods in relation to research objectives/hypotheses– identification of potential research limitations– interesting primary research findings addressing the research objectives/hypotheses using appropriate quotes, graphs, tables and figures– interesting and relevant conclusions and recommendations addressing the research objectives/hypotheses– presentation; references, both within and at the end of the text, that are accurately cited and presented– originality and innovation

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