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The Synopsis.Your synopsis should tell about the subject of your paper (for example: 1) symbolism and Renaissance; 2) science and Renaissance; 3) perspective and Renaissance; 4) iconography and Renaissance; 5) gender and Renaissance; 6) naturalism and Renaissance; 7) patronage and Renaissance ; 8) religious ideas, piety, monasticism and Renaissance; 9) city culture and Renaissance). It should also present one research question you pose and how you will answer this question (your main idea for the paper). It should also have a list of annonated research bibliographies (books and articles from J-Stor), no older than 20 years from now. Your research bibliographies cannot include wikipedia and other encyclopedia articles. Your bibliographies list should include at least 6 titles, two of which are scholarly article pertaining to your topic. All publications should come from art history area studies. Finally, it should have a list of 2-3 art works you will be discussing in the paper (with photos of them). The art works can come from the course materials–your textbook and lectures, or the museum visit.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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