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Focus on transculturation and give examples on how it implies in our life. plus, the paper must be in B’s range, preferable B+ and please try to focus on the thesis statement and make it clear. and in the conclusion please try to restate all the points that mentioned in the body..TRA 401 – Spring 2014 –  Research Papers.Some References (go the library and do some searching :D)1)    Assigned textbook (see syllabus).2)    Baker, M. (Ed.). (2001). Routledge Encyclopedia of TranslationStudies. London & New York: Routledge.3)    Delisle, J. & Woodsworth, J. (Eds.) (1995). Translators throughhistory.  Amsterdam & New York: Benjamins.3) Faiq, S. (2000). Arabic translation: A glorious past but a meek present, in Marilyn Gaddis Rose (Ed.) Translation Perspectives XI: Beyond the Western Tradition. Binghamton: State University of New York at Binghamton (pp. 83-99).4) Venuti, L. (Ed.). (2000). The Translation Studies Reader.  London& New York: Routledge.Plus, of course, databases and professional internet sources.Based on the material covered in this course, you can choose to work on a translation tradition, or an aspect (theory) as per the issues/topics covered in the course.This is a major term paper.  Your attention is drawn to the following points.1)    This is a research-based essay (so … do some research).2)    The structure of the paper should be as follows:1)    Introduction: This section should give enough information on the tradition or theory you are dealing with.2)    Body:i.    A review of the tradition or theory: A brief summary of the historical development (old (past) and present).ii.    Major approaches and/or schools of the tradition or major applications of the theory.iii.    Main Translators: 3 examples for traditions or 2 major figures/authors for theory.iv.    Current / modern situation of the tradition or theory6)  Conclusion: Your own evaluation of the tradition or theory.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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