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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements  Over the last 40 years, Oscar Osano, a renowned jeweller and diamond merchant, has amassed a considerable fortune by trading in the best quality merchandise supplied to him by his cousin, Dario Darnelli. Oscar’s assets include a small collection of valuable watches and 5,000 shares, worth £5 million, in a privately owned company, Lustrano Limited.Oscar has never married and his closest relations are his three sisters, who are all independently wealthy. From the outset, he has been ably assisted in his business affairs by his childhood friend, Zara, whom he trusts implicitly. Whilst Zara is loyally devoted to Oscar, she feels a deep-rooted sense of antagonism towards his sisters, who used to make fun of her as a child because her family was poor. However, she has never disclosed any of this to Oscar.Shortly before going on a Caribbean cruise last month to celebrate his retirement, Oscar executed a Deed of Settlement, in which he appointed Dario as trustee. Clauses 1 and 2 of this Deed read as follows:

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