good morming i need to comment to my peers in my own words about what they write

good morming i need to comment to my peers in my own words about what they writeSocial SupportNurses work in a complex workplace that needs a wide range of skills, putting them under a lot of stress. In most cases, nurses endure physical and psychosocial responsibilities when directly caring for children with mental illness. The combination of these needs determines the workload of nurses. Workload and work intensity have been proven to influence nurse burnout and turnover intentions in previous studies (Yang et al., 2019). Furthermore, work-related stress lengthens nurses’ absences, and job expectations have been proven to induce burnout and severely impact newly licensed nurses’ mental health. These findings suggest that job demands are linked to nurses’ health and job performance.Enhanced social support from colleagues, interpersonal relationships, and social networks from parents of children with mental illness positively impacted nurses’ health and emotional demands. In other words, increasing social support from coworkers in a setting with similar emotional demands successfully reduces sleeping problems, depressive symptoms, and burnout stress. Nurses ‘ lives are unpredictable because of their shift work, making it difficult to spend time with friends and family or pursue hobbies. As a result, the assistance of other nurses may be extremely vital (Velando‐Soriano et al., 2020). Nurses’ connections would be enhanced, and stress would be alleviated if hospitals allowed them to interact outside working hours. Because nurses’ emotional needs are rather high, they require social support appropriate for their work. It may be beneficial for them to meet with supervisors regularly, participate in stress-reduction programs, or attend training programs that improve interpersonal communication skills.Enhanced peer or coworker assistance coupled with the social network for parents of children with mental illness has been demonstrated to be particularly beneficial in improving nurse resilience when addressing the increasing health needs of children with mental illness. When dealing with professional pressures, existing literature has demonstrated that organizational sources, interpersonal relationships, and social networks for parents of children with mental illness will be more likely to provide better support to nurses addressing the health needs of children with mental illness (Orgambídez-Ramos & de Almeida, 2017). Furthermore, parents’ enhanced social support and social network have boosted job performance and reduced working stress. Peers, for example, can use comedy as a kind of emotional support to deflect focus away from difficult circumstances. Enhanced social support from supervisors has also been shown to boost employee engagement. For example, the likelihood of reporting harmful behaviors in hospitals increased in direct proportion to the quantity of supervisory support nurses received.The presence of family is a significant source of psychological stability for the patient and a source of support for improved rehabilitation, as it allows him to keep in contact with his home and friends. Furthermore, the involvement of family, friends, and relatives in maintaining the quality of life in hospitalized patients with chronic diseases is critical. This is because the patient’s fundamental necessities at the hospital can be met to a large part by the patient’s family. In addition, a social network for the family of children with mental illness can assist him in reducing stress and encouraging him to correspond effectively in the therapeutic format he uses (Yang et al., 2019). At the same time, the patient’s family can direct him to participate in self-care activities and successfully deal with any issues resulting from his sickness. In a recent study looking into Nurses’ assessments of the relevance of parental involvement in their hospitalized kid’s physical and psychological care, more nurses rated parental involvement as very important in meeting their child’s physical needs.

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