How is this concept present in your life experience(s) and why is it important?

The concept I want in this paper isBehaviorismClassical conditioningSelf esteemNature-nurture conceptAttachmentPurpose: This project involves demonstrating your knowledge of observing Psychology in Everyday Life. This is your opportunity to highlight key psychological concepts that you recognize all around you, so you are better able to identify what you experience as related to the study of psychology. I want you to wrap up your learning experience this semester and revisit the concepts that you found most relevant and relatable to you. I want you to think about what was really important to you across the semester. If I met you in 5 years what do you think you will remember most from this course?Expectation: You will complete a 4.0-5.0 page paper following the requirements below. THAT IS A MINIMUM OF 4 FULL PAGES…and NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES! Clearly identify at least 5 psychological concepts we have studied this semester and how they are relatable to you. For each concept first define it (cite text) and then provide an example of your life experience and how this concept is currently present or has been present in your life and why it is important. In addition, discuss how learning this concept has impacted your life or created any change. A concept typically is bold- faced in our text- if you have questions let me know.You are required to provide an APA in text citation for the textbook (cite your concept definitions). APA 7th edition formatting is to be followed.Steps:1. Introduce yourself and clearly identify your 5 psychological concepts. This section should be at least 1/2 page.2. For each of your 5 concepts:a. Provide a definition from the text with a citation and include our text in your reference page.b. Discuss – How is this concept relatable to you?c. Discuss – How is this concept present in your life experience(s) and why is it important?d. Discuss – How has learning this concept (in more depth perhaps) impacted your life.e. Lastly, explain how each of your concepts fits one or more of the psychological themes. Explain why youthink this.The key themes in psychology:A. Psychological science relies on empirical evidence and adapts as new data develop.B. Psychology explains general principles that govern behavior while recognizing individual differences.C. Psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors influence behavior and mental processes.D. Psychology values diversity, promotes equity, and fosters inclusion in pursuit of a more just society.E. Our perceptions and biases filter our experiences of the world through an imperfect personal lens.F. Applying psychological principles can change our lives, organizations, and communities in positive ways.G. Ethical principles guide psychology research and practice.This section should be at least 3 pages.3. Provide a conclusion with any additional take-aways and a summary of what you have learned.This section should be at least 1/2 page.

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