Identification of family nursing theory Complete description and relevant identi

Identification offamily nursing theoryComplete description and relevant identification of afamily nursing theory with a clear and detailed rationale that fits with themovie family. Documents are attached. Family Assessment Complete description of all 12 of the data collectioncategories with excellent supporting data using direct examples from themovie which includes:· Family demographics· Physical Environment· Psychological and spiritual environment· Family structure/roles· Family functions· Family values and beliefs· Family communication patterns· Family decision-making patterns· Family problem-solving patterns· Family coping patterns· Family health behavior· Family social & cultural patternsEcomapIdentifies the nature of relationships between familymembers and support systems including an analysis of the family’srelationship to the environment: Includes legendPlease No plagerism as this professor is very strict and will verify the entre document.If possible, please include the plagerim report.

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